Essential Oil Diffusers, Pick The Right Diffuser For Your Home.

Essential Oil Diffusers, Pick The Right Diffuser For Your Home.

Essential Oil Diffusers, Pick The Right Diffuser For Your Home. Seems like it should be an easy thing to do right? Well with abit of guidance it can be. When I first purchased our beloved doTERRA essential oils for the first time – I actually had no clue what a diffuser was, Just that I needed one. It wasn’t until I started researching into diffusers that I realised there was a huge variety available on the market and not all were the same quality, or suitable for the size of our home. Aromatherapy is fast becoming a very popular addition to so many homes around the world, So many people enjoying all the health and wellness benefits that come with inviting essential oils into your home. But what on earth does a diffuser do?

The most popular, affordable and highly effective type of diffuser is called an ‘ultrasonic diffuser’. There is an ultrasonic disc in the bottom of the diffuser that makes ultrasonic waves, This forces the essential oil molecules to break open into tiny micro particles. As they are dispersed into the air ready to be inhaled. An ultrasonic diffuser uses cold water, there is no steam or heat produced with an ultrasonic diffuser. It produces mist of essential oil micro particles. Oil burners once were a very popular way of using essential oils, However when you heat an essential oil you can completely change or destroy its therapeutic benefits. This is why vaporisers and oil burners shouldn’t be used when wanting to experience the Wellness benefits that come with DōTERRA essential oils.

A diffuser is just as important as the oil you are diffusing, if not more important. Unless you have a good quality diffuser that is capable of producing high frequency waves to split the oils into micro particles then you won’t be able to experience the true benefits of essential oils. So looking out for what’s important in a diffuser can be key to really getting the benefits of your essential oils. If you have to use more essential oil to be able to smell the oils, Then it can be quite an expensive exercise – Sometimes it can be better to purchase the more expensive diffuser and save long term on oil usage.

There are a vast variety of benefits that come with diffusing essential oils within your home, office or car. One of the most studied areas of aromatherapy is of course of the emotional effect essential oils can have on our bodies. Our sense of smell can trigger emotional responses, like happy memories and positive mood.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Can improve sleep patterns and provide and more restful nights sleep.
  • Can help to relax the mind and body.
  • Helps to alleviate tension and stress.
  • Can help to maintain the feeling of open air ways and clearer breathing.
  • Can help to boost mood and promote feelings of joy or happiness.
  • Can provide seasonal support when environmental threats are high.
  • Calming for emotions.
  • Improves mental clarity.
  • Improves concentration and focus.

Now picking the right one for the right room in your home may seem like an overwhelming task. It can be simple, Just be assessing your own needs and picking the diffuser based on the specifications. Before you start looking for a diffuser its best to think about the area you will need to cover, Ie. is it a bedroom, or a large open plan living area? You will need to take this into account before purchasing – The area a diffuser can cover does vary significantly. So for example if you have a large 45sqm open plan living area a diffuser that only covers 20sqm will not be sufficient for the area. Things to consider when buying an essential oil diffuser:

  • The Square Metres the diffuser covers is the right size for the area you are wanting to use it in.
  • The run time is right for how you want to use it. If you are wanting to use a diffuser and essential oils to promote restful sleep (or in many parents cases – sleeping all night) Then I would suggest a longer running diffuser. One that runs eight or more hours.
  • The ability to be able to run with the light on or off. Most diffusers now on the market will in fact have that feature. However some do have little lights on the buttons – Which of course is annoying when you need pitch black to sleep.
  • The Hertz at which a diffuser operates. The quality diffusers run at over 2 million hertz per second, With some cheaper knock offs coming from bargain sites or shops that are only 50 – 60 hertz per minute.
  • Lastly a diffuser that will fit in well with your own personal tastes, and home décor. We are spoilt for choice with so many reputable brand’s having quality diffusers and different styles.

I thought I would share some of my personal favourites with you. These are diffusers I have personally tried and tested, and use within my home.

Diffusers for Larger Areas:

The Alcyon Taiko

The Alcyon Taiko is my newest diffuser purchase, It is a large diffuser, that covers roughly 45sqm. It can either be ran for 8 hours on high mist mode or 16 hours on low mist mode. While it may not be the most visually appealing diffuser on the market, It packs a punch when it comes to mist output and effectiveness of diffusing our precious essential oils. I highly rate this diffuser for really large open plan living areas. It’s price point is budget friendly at $89.95.

The Lively Living Aroma Elm

The Aroma Elm is as stylish as it is practical, It comes in 5 different colours including matte black and metallic white. It fits in seamlessly within my house as part of the décor. It is a quiet diffuser in terms of mechanical noise and runs for 10 hours on high mist mode or 20 hours on low mist mode. It’s a cost effective way to run your essential oils for longer periods. It’s a great diffuser and covers 30 to 35 sqm, Would suit open plan living. The Aroma Elm is $89.95.

Diffusers For Bedrooms:

The Lively Living Aroma Bloom 

The Aroma Bloom is the first long running diffuser I ever purchased, I needed a long running diffuser for my children that didn’t sleep. It comes in a range of different colours, As well as the wood look Aroma bloom having both coloured lights aswell as breathing lights. It makes the perfect night light for children, It has a run time of 8 hours on continuous mode or 16 hours on intermittent mode. Its easy to use, clean and can add a touch of personality to your room or match in with your décor. The aroma bloom covers 25 – 30 sqm, aswell as being quite in operation. The Aroma Bloom is $99.50.


The doTERRA Petal

The doTERRA petal was the first diffuser I ever used, It came as a freebie with my home essentials kit. It is a small diffuser, But it certainly still packs a punch. It has great mist output and can cover up to 30sqm. It is user friendly and easy to operate, With the light being able to be switched off. The only real downside to the petal diffuser is that there are little green lights on the diffuser, that can’t be turned off. If you need pitch black to sleep, This may be a feature that would annoy you. The Petal diffuser can run for 1 hour, 2 hours of 4 hours on continuous mode. It is $71 RRP.


There are four great diffuser options for your home, With many more available in Shop to suit your needs and personal style. A good habit to get into as soon as you receive your diffuser is to ensure you maintain it. Some essential oils are quite thick, or some being quite a vibrant colour It is important to clean your diffuser regularly to keep it in great working order. Get into the habit of giving it a rinse between operation, Or wiping it out if there is oil residue. Depending on how often you use your diffuser, Give it a deep clean either once or twice per month. Here are some pointers so you know when its time to give your diffuser a deep clean:

  • The Aroma coming from your diffuser isn’t as strong as normal.
  • The diffuser reservoir is stained with essential oil residue.
  • When you fill the reservoir with water, The water becomes murky as such.
  • It’s been one month since you last gave it a deep clean. Ensuring you keep your diffuser clean will prolong the life of the diffuser. How to clean your diffuser, using these simple instructions.

It is easy and simple to give you diffuser a deep clean, This will prolong the life of your diffuser and ensure you are getting the benefits from your essential oils.

  1. Fill the reservoir with half water and half white vinegar. Run for 5 – 10 minutes.
  2. Empty the water/vinegar and give the diffuser a wipe out with a cloth. Use an alcohol wipe to clean around the ultrasonic disc.
  3. If you have an stains from citrus oils etc, Use lemon oil neat on the stain and rub with a cloth to remove the stains.

It is as simple as that, Its easy to have a diffuser… or seven within your home. They become apart of our every day life.

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