doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program Explained

doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program

What is The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program?

The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program Explained, When you enrol with doTERRA as a wholesale customer or wellness advocate you are given a choice on how you would like to order any subsequent products and oils. There are TWO choices when it comes to ordering through your doTERRA account.

Standard Order: A standard order is just that, A single order that is placed via your doTERRA account at wholesale prices. Postage is $7.95 for standard shipping. This suits people that may not be using natural products or essential oils as much. A standard order will receive 4 product credits back on their doTERRA wholesale for a partial refund of the shipping cost. You do not earn loyalty reward points on standard orders.

doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program ie. LRP Order: A Loyalty rewards order is a monthly reoccurring order that is delivered straight to your door. The products or oils that get delivered is a 100% personal choice and can be changed right up until midnight the night before its due to the processed. It processes MONTHLY on the date of your choosing.

  • There are some great perks of the program including:
  • 100% of your shipping cost back in points, so $7.95 you will receive 8 points back for each LRP order.
  • Access to carefully curated wellness boxes and LRP only kits with larger discounts then wholesale pricing.
  • You will receive between 10% – 30% back of the points value of your order the following month.
  • The choice to receive a free product of the month when you place your order of 125 PV before the 15th of the month.
  • Usually each quarter there will be a larger promotion for 200 PV orders – Which gives large ticket item freebies.
When picking dates for your doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program order you will notice it tells you to pick wisely. The dates 1-15 are purple, Which means they are dates eligible for a free product of the month. All LRP orders placed between the 1st & 15th of the month of 125 PV or more will recieve a free product of the month. Each month the product or oil changes, If you are unsure check our members group, doTERRA social media or the banner in your wholesale account for what the particular product is that month. So to give you an idea of how much $$$ worth of products were free, Last year by my calculations i received $350 worth of free oils as the product of the month alone. That’s JUST by receiving that product of the month.
A standard order will not receive any free products or points, So the date you place your order on will not matter. You can place standard orders on any date.

Points To Remember About The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program :

  • The purple dates of 1-15 mean they are dates eligible for the product of the month.
  • If you would like to earn points and products, It needs to be a loyalty rewards order.
  • The free product of the month comes with orders of 125 points value and more.
The longer you have a loyalty rewards template in place, The more you benefit. The percentage continues to grow until you reach 30% back – Yep you get 30% back every month plus your shipping points.
Months 1-3 : 10% back of your order, Plus 8 points for shipping.
100 PV order = 18 points
Months 4-6: 15% back of your order, Plus 8 points for shipping.
100 PV order = 23 points
Months 7-9: 20% back of your order, Plus 8 points for shipping.
100 PV order = 28 points
Months 10-12: 25% back of your order, Plus 8 points for shipping.
100 PV order = 33 points
Months 13+: 30% back of your order, Plus 8 points for shipping.
100 PV order = 38 points
These points can be redeemed for products or oils of your choice. Each product and oil has a points redemption value.
To see the values, and just how generous the program is visit the points redemption sheet


POM – Product of the month. Each month dōTERRA gives a free product or oil away for free to all loyalty rewards orders of 125pv or more placed before the 15th of the month.

LRP – Loyalty rewards program. This is the name of dōTERRA program that gives you points back, postage credits (free postage). Your order is delivered on a monthly basis on the date of your choice.

STANDARD ORDER – A once off order you place at your convenience.

AUTO SHIP – Auto-Ship is another term for your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order. You set your LRP to automatically ship to you on a designated day each month, Or you can change the date each month depending on your preference.

PERSONAL VOLUME. PV is assigned to each product and is a separate total from the dollar amount on your orders. On many products the PV will match the wholesale value. There are a few products that the PV may be less or more than the dollar cost. There are some products that are amazing value for redemption (cheaper).

OV: ORGANISATIONAL VOLUME. OV is your team’s overall volume. As an example if you held a class and 3 people enrolled. There orders would become part of your OV. This is for wellness advocates only.

DOWNLINE: Another term for the organisation or team of people that a Wellness Advocate has enrolled under them.

UPLINE: This means the person who enrolled you, Then where you have been placed. If you would like to see the details of your upline team go into your back office and up the top click ‘Wellness Advocate Services’ when that tab drops down click on ‘upline listings’. This will open up a window to show you your full support structure.

SRP: SHIPPING REWARD POINTS. You will receive 4 points back for a standard order or 8 points back for a loyalty rewards order.

PRODUCT CREDITS/POINTS – dōTERRA gives you product credit/points back to spend every time you place an order. How you order will indicate how many points you get back. You will recieve between 10% – 30% back on all of your loyalty rewards orders.

PO3 – power of 3. This is dōTERRA reward program for inviting your friends to have accounts similar to your own. DōTERRA gifts you $50 $250 or $1500 (in US dollars) each month depending on how many friends you have introduced. This is not a once off monetary reward but a regular monthly payment.

BUILDER/EDUCATOR : A person who actively builds their own doTERRA business through enrolling new customers. It could be through actively holding classes, social media or through your social circle.

SHARER/EDUCATOR: Someone who uses doTERRA products, and actively shares them with others like friends, family, neighbours etc.

Wholesale Customer : Someone who uses doTERRA products for personal use, The majority of our team are wholesale customers.

Curated Wellness Boxes:

One of the extra gems of the doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program is – There are discounted kits available just for loyalty rewards program members. You can find these by clicking on your LRP template & click continue shopping.

They are found under KITS > Loyalty reward Kits
(You can not view these without a template, They are exclusive offers ☺️)

The Top 5 Kit: It has 15ml bottles of Tea Tree, Lemon, On Guard, Peppermint & Lavender. Its a great little replenishing kit of favourite, well used oils. It’s also wonderful for cleaning essentials. To buy these oils wholesale separately it’s $ 133.25 wholesale. When purchased as the fave five kit is $124. You save $9.25 off the wholesale Price.

Wellness Boxes: We have seen some beautifully curated boxes over the last couple of months including a seasonal essentials, Bedtime Bliss, Gourmet Cooking & Sports wellness boxes. All have at least a 125 PV which means you also qualify for the free product of the month.

These boxes are perfect if you are wanting to invite oils into your home for specific purpose. The bedtime Bliss box for example, Has the most popular essential oils for sleep and relaxation at a discounted rate PLUS a wellness card explaining exactly how to use each oil.

ow that you understand the Loyalty Rewards Program and the amazing benefits offered there, watch this short video that walks you through exactly how to set up your LRP template and tailor it to your needs! Don’t you love how it is completely customizable?!? No getting the same products month after month (unless you want to!)

Watch Tutorial Here

I would really love for you to to LOG IN to your back office to ensure everything works for you as it should. Here’s how:

1. In your email, locate the welcome email that was received shortly after you purchased your first products. (It has the word “Welcome” in the subject line and came from service@doterra.com)

2. Using the ID number and password located in that email, log in to your doTERRA Account

3. If you are an enrolled member of our team and are having trouble, please feel free to contact us and we can guide you through.

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