doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program Explained

doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program

What is The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program? The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program Explained, When you enrol with doTERRA as a wholesale customer or wellness advocate you are given a choice on how you would like to order any subsequent products and oils. There are TWO choices when it comes to ordering through your doTERRA account. […]

Using The Top 10 doTERRA Essential Oils

The Top 10 are what we like to call, Foundation oils. These 10 oils lay the foundation for using natural solutions within your home. As you can see below, they have multiple uses. Learning to use the same oils in a multitude of ways is not only cost effective, but also ensures you get the […]

Shift Work And Essential Oils

SHIFT WORK There are so many professions that do shift work – Hospital staff, Mining, Construction, Just to name a few. Maybe you’ve got a husband, Wife, Friend or loved one who does shift work (Or maybe its you?) and want to understand exactly what is does to the body and how to make it […]

Your Guide To All Your New BOGO Oils

Now that BOGO week is over, You most likely will be receive quite a few purple boxes in the mail. You may be familiar with some oils, Or perhaps will be using them for the first time. I thought i would take the opportunity to run through each of the BOGO oils so when they […]

Essential Oils For Sleep, How to Use Essential Oils For Sleep.

Sleep is one of those things that you don’t realise how important it actually is until you don’t get it. I have been inundated lately with messages from people that aren’t getting enough sleep, or their children aren’t. So I wanted to run through why sleeps important and essential oil options for sleep. Last night […]

Essential Oil Diffusers, Pick The Right Diffuser For Your Home.

Essential Oil Diffusers, Pick The Right Diffuser For Your Home.

Essential Oil Diffusers, Pick The Right Diffuser For Your Home. Seems like it should be an easy thing to do right? Well with abit of guidance it can be. When I first purchased our beloved doTERRA essential oils for the first time – I actually had no clue what a diffuser was, Just that I […]

Cats and Essential Oils

Cats and Essential Oils

So, it seems at the moment there is a “viral post” doing the rounds on social media about an old cat who was poisoned by essential oils. In particular the listed offender being eucalyptus. Many Essential oils were also said to be toxic including lavender, orange, lemon and tea tree. I really felt the need […]