Essential Oils are natural occurring aromatic compounds found within parts of plants such as the bark, stems, roots, flowers, and seeds. Through a careful distillation process they are extracted so that we can benefit from their powerful properties.

Essential Oils are a great way to naturally support your family and can be used in a variety of different ways.

  • Natural Wellness Support – Provide support for troubled tummies, immune support, respiratory support and more.
  • Support Restful Sleep, in conjunction with a great bedtime routine essential oils can be fantastic at assisting the body for sleep.
  • Making your own DIY Products like replacing chemicals, beauty products and more. It’s a cost effective way to make natural products for your home using the power of essential oils.
  • Supporting our moods and emotions.

So What does it mean to be a wholesale customer?

You CAN purchase your oils retail, but you would be paying 25% more for the exact same product. So I always recommend becoming a wholesale customer when purchasing doterra oils. As a wholesale customer you can purchase your oils and products all at 25% off, via your own online login portal. It’s super simple to use and navigate, so whenever you would like to order you just log in.

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a wholesale customer would be the ongoing support and education you receive as a wholesale customer. We have a very active private community for our team, which is a safe place to seek out guidance and chat about all things doTERRA. You will be educated and empowered to use your essential oils to their full potentional.

Each and every one of our members is sent a welcome pack upon enrolling. This pack is full of goodies and information to get you started with loving your oils straight away. Aswell as a FREE download of the droplii app to ensure you always have access to quality information and recipes in the palm of your hand.

There is no pressure to place monthly orders, or even sell essential oils as a wholesale customer. It’s simply the cheapest way to purchase your essential oils with ongoing guidance and support.

If you would like to discuss becoming a wellness advocate and to create your very own business then please contact me.